The Basic Principles Of to katha mane paduchhi

Ajker dinta ektu kosto kore chodao, kal thekei dekhbe puro aram nite parcho, kintu etodin chodao ni kano?

Moon ebe be sujog paee le tanka doodha ku blouse upparu chipe diee aau bele bele gandi ku shadhi upare storke maridie. This is about my initially intercourse knowledge. I hope you want it.

Hau bhala kari kha. Jete khauchu khaa. Mu bou bia ku pura patire pureiki chusi chusi khaili. Aau bou mo banda ku talaku tanuthile.

People with HIV or cancer are immunosuppressed so are more likely to get infections on the meninges or infections inside the brain resulting in abscesses. Cancer can metastasize, or journey with the blood or lymph to other web-sites in your body.

Usually, youngsters are afflicted with a similar types of problems as Older people do, but their symptoms might be slightly different.

Ekdin Okay bolei feli ki re kal raat e tor ghar theke gonganir awaj pelum. Ki hoyechilo. O bole kichu na, tomar ghar thekeo to majhe majhe awaj ase, ki koro tumi, majhe chitkar koro.

brain tumor: uninteresting headache, worse with exertion and change in placement, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Typically, the individual will have nausea and vomiting for weeks prior to the headache starts off.

All individuals who present with red flags indicating a harmful secondary headache must get neuroimaging.[28] The ideal method of neuroimaging for these headaches is controversial.[six] Non-distinction computerized tomography (CT) check here scan is usually the first step in head imaging as it really is readily available in Unexpected emergency Departments and hospitals which is more cost-effective than MRI.

Sukhe dipu hisiye othe – pisi go khub aram lagche go, age keo nipple selected ni amar. Eijanyei ami chodon khaoa magi pochondo kori. Over thirty magider sathe amar sobcheye valo lage.

Sethu se kahile je hauu thik aachi tahele aaji dekhi ba dum kahare kete. Moon kahili nani chhota sapara besi bisa. Tenu total husiyar. Se kahile aare baapre tu nijaku sapa babu chhu hauu tora chhotia sapa tike dekhiba kemite hoee chhi.

Ebar ar rakh dhak nei. Duchokh boro kore amar mai duto dekhte thake. Ami ektu jhuke chamoch diye payesh khaote suru kori. Dipu bole othe pisi ei tin bochore tumi aro sundar hoyegacho kintu chokher kone kali kano.

Hi heal juto paye thake. Bandhabirao bole ei bayaseo amar figureta dekhbar moto. Business ektu hese katha bollei amar kaj hoye jai. Sabai jhapiye pore amar kaj udhhar kore dei.

ICHD-two classifies complications that happen to be because of the ingestion of a specific material or by its withdrawal as secondary complications as well. This type of headache may result from the overuse of some remedies or by publicity to some substances. HIV/AIDS, intracranial bacterial infections and systemic bacterial infections may additionally lead to secondary head aches. The ICHD-2 method of classification consists of the complications connected to homeostasis Issues inside the group of secondary complications. Consequently complications due to dialysis, substantial blood pressure level, hypothyroidism, and cephalalgia and in some cases fasting are regarded secondary problems. Secondary problems, in accordance with the similar classification technique, can be a result of the injuries of any on the facial constructions like tooth, jaws, or temporomandibular joint. Complications a result of psychiatric Diseases such as somatization or psychotic Issues will also be categorised as secondary problems.

Cluster complications include overactivation from the trigeminal nerve and hypothalamus inside the brain, but the precise induce is mysterious.[22]

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